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The purpose of wow_noobs is to act as a supplement community to the various World of Warcraft communities that exist currently. Our mission is to provide information, advice, and answers in a non-threatening environment. The intended member is possibly a new player that needs help with the game or even older players who have some simple questions to refine their skills. Obviously older players who want to help out the new ones are more than welcome. This community is open to everyone!

Community Guidelines

1. As this community is geared toward newer World of Warcraft players we ask that people keep this in mind when answering/posting. Try to be patient. Flaming and rudeness is not tolerated.

2. Try to consolidate your posts if you have multiple ones you want to make. This doesn't mean you have to limit your posts to a certain number a day, but try to spare the friends lists of others.

3. There is no such thing as a stupid question, but please try to do some research on your own before posting.

4. As the entire purpose of this community is to seek feedback from other players do not disable, screen, or delete comments. If a response is rude or inflammatory please let a mod take care of it.

5. All images bigger than the size of an icon (100x100 pixels) need to be behind a LJ-cut. If you need to know how to make one, please ask.

6. On maintainence or patch days do not make repeated posts in regards to it. We all want to know when the servers will be back up and we're all anxious to play, so please keep it to a single post.

7. Try to fill in the tag portion of your posts with relevant tags before you post. This helps people find specific information within the past posts and also organizes things nicely. Also and for the same reasons, please put a subject on your posts!

8. Advertisements need to be submitted to a mod for approval before they can be posted. If we find they're beneficial for the members then we will let you post them. Any others will be deleted. Also please don't advertise your guild in this community.

9. If you are having difficulty installing the game or an issue with running the game, please remember that you are paying Blizzard to play and they have a very helpful customer support helpline. Check www.worldofwarcraft.com for the contact information, or click the link on the WoW login screen.

10. While everyone has their noobish moments, if you have leveled a character a good amount then please keep in mind that there are many wonderful communities for medium level to veteran players out here on Livejournal. That largest is worldofwarcraft, and many people also enjoy wow_ladies. Do stay in here to help out the newer noobs, though! If you are already in worldofwarcraft please post either there or here with questions. Many of the members of wow_noobs are also in worldofwarcraft, so a posting a question to both at the same time will not reach more people.

11. If it violates Blizzard's terms of service, it is not welcome in this community. This includes gold buying/selling and character leveling.

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