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World of Warcraft Noobs
28th-Oct-2012 12:04 pm
I'm fairly new to the game (within the month) and I'm slowly finding myself getting addicted. Seriously.. what's with the nightmares of attacking skeletons transporting me to levels I'm not ready for, brain?!

Anyway.. I hit a bit of a wall last night, and I'm hoping someone might have an answer - I've got a Tauren who just hit level 11 -- pretty much I ran through all the Thunder Bluff-related challenges, then found myself at Orgimmar, with a last mission to head into the rift and report to a guard. Problem is, there's no guard by that name.

Between TomTom insisting I was in the right place (I've had a few errors with things not where it says they are) and WowHead - where I see that someone else is looking for the same person - it seems the last patch spirited the target away, so clearly there's no way to finish the challenge and find my next location.

So, my question is: Does anyone know what the next set of challenges for the Tauren is? (For example, I know that my Blood Elf is next to report to the Ghostlands, after finishing in the woods) Or is there a webpage/community that will help a poor hopeless NOOB find this out?

Thank you!

(I may have over-tagged. If I grabbed one by mistake, or missed one entirely, I apologize.)
28th-Oct-2012 09:44 pm (UTC)
Yep - I've got them bookmarked. Just couldn't figure out where to find where to head next -- but I've grabbed one of the notice boards and will poke from there. I'm also now in possession of a game guide from the bookstore. Woot!
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