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World of Warcraft Noobs
A few questions about DK's 
29th-Jan-2012 06:11 pm
elf dk [2] [head to hands]
Hey all. I'm not completely new to WoW (I've leveled a Pally and partially leveled a few others), but I am new to Death Knights. I'm really enjoying the class but I have a few questions about DPS rotation, PvP, and professions. I've tried looking through the tags but I don't think I saw these answered.

1. I'm a lvl 60 Blood Elf DK. I specced in Frost (2h). What would be a good rotation for me around this level? I'm mostly trying to figure out what I need & what I don't in order to set up my key bindings/macros. I do some light PvP (I'm on a PvP server), but most of my time is spent doing PvE for right now as opposed to bg's, etc. Here is my talent tree, and I can post what spells I have if needed. EDIT: This is the talent tree I'm working towards.

2. I want to get into more PvP a little later on. Is Frost alright for PvP, or should I dual spec Unholy and use that instead?

3. I know you should move around as much as you can while fighting, especially in PvP. I have no trouble doing this on classes that aren't based on casting. But.. what's the general strategy for this when most of your abilities are spells that can't be cast while moving? Is it something like cast, strafe around the other player while on cooldown, repeat?

4. What are the most useful professions for DPS DK's? I've read WoWWiki's summaries of them, but I'm still not quite sure which two will come in most useful.

I would really appreciate any advice. I feel like I know next to nothing when I start a new class :P
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