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World of Warcraft Noobs
 Okay! So, hi everyone. :3 I've been playing since… 
9th-Jul-2011 10:12 am
i add an agreeable sense of macabre to a
 Okay! So, hi everyone. :3 I've been playing since February. Until I joined a RP guild, I had a bit of toon ADD so my main is at 79, and she's the highest level toon I've got.

I'm hoping to get her to 85 by next Friday. Any tips on Cata leveling, best way to grind, et cetera? I'm a holy priest- secondary is shadow for when I want to solo.

Also, I know dungeoning is faster for leveling, but are standard quests worth it to get reputation, et cetera?

One last thing- I fail hardcore at Argent Tournament. I just can't do it. Can someone PLEASE give me some tips? T_T
9th-Jul-2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
cata leveling is really really straight forward. the zone flow goes either mount hyjal or vashjir, deepholm, uldum, twilight highlands. generally soon after you start on a zone, you unlock a portal from orgrimmar to that zone so most people set their hearth to orgrimmar for convenience. i personally enjoyed uldum a lot because there's a long indiana jones style quest chain that blizzard did an extremely good job with.

it's worth doing each dungeon at least once due to the bonus quests that are available from the front near the portal, but i wouldn't worry too much about repeat queuing until you hit 85. unless you're running the dungeon with at least 2 other guild members, you'll earn guild rep by doing quests and will be able to start unlocking rewards.

when you say you fail at the argent tournament, do you mean the jousting part of it? when i first started, i would hug my opponent and hit them from melee range and only quickly use the shield breaker and charge when they ran at range. it takes forever to kill them this way, but once i was consistently winning i got a better feel for when i could be at range and attack them. if you know someone else who is doing those dailies too, you can actually attack each others opponent with your normal spells while not mounted to help out. it goes much faster that way.
9th-Jul-2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
The thing I found that helped the most with the AT jousting was backing my camera ALL the way up, and looking down on the fight. Other than that...practice. :3

You'll blast through Cata leveling. No worries there. The rep is definitely worth it, just to be able to buy pre-Heroic level gear. Do Hyjal first, then at 85 you can turn around and do the second phase of it right away. If you do instances, save your justice points for when you hit 85.
9th-Jul-2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
As someone who's got four lvl 85's and is working on a 5th, in Cata I would argue very strongly against the theory that 'dungeon leveling is fastest', as Cata dungeons are pretty rough, but it's worth doing at least one a day...save your points for 85 and a boost to gear right away. I don't think guides are really needed, since Cata zone quests are so linear, you're not going to miss finding a hub in a zone like you might have in the past, they're kind of useless for the run from 80 to 85, in my opinion. Not too bad for 1 to 80, since they'll help pick what zones you should do, but the options are pretty limited after 85, so not worth the addon much.

Spend that last level to 80 in Icecrown or doing Wrath era quests and then head off into Cata once you hit 80. If you've got extra cash from all that alting, it really doesn't hurt to buy lvl 80 -Cata- greens from the AH...they'll be ridiculously better than Wrath greens and blues, and though you get gear rather fast while leveling through Hyjal, it'll be a big big boost. Vash'jir, while beautiful, was very much -not- a fast zone, it can be a little difficult to find quest objectives and even once you get the underwater mount it's all so very colorful and multi level and confusing. Worth doing, but best to do -after- you hit 85 for Earthen Ring rep and money.

If you're going for speed, go to Hyjal right off the bat. If your guild has the level for the extra exp or you have that and the cloak/hat, you'll probably hit 84 somewhere in Deepholme and be able to skip Uldum completely and head for Twilight Highlands. If you do have to go through Uldum, it would behoove you to not do the Harrison Jones quests unless you really need the level to get to 84..as soon as you hit 84 go to Twilight Highlands. Twilight Highlands has some really good gear to help get you set for dungeons and heroics, and if you do at least one dungeon a day while doing quests to level you'll get a little boost to your gear when you get to 85.

I suggest doing dungeons as Shadow, if you want to dungeon, that way you don't have as much pressure as a healer would, and it can give you an idea of the dungeons in a position not quite as frantic or vital as heal or tank. You can also quest in between queues that way. Start the Molten Front as soon as you hit 85, and make sure to do the quest to save Thrall (quest giver for the start of that is at the teleport circle in Org/SW), because the cloaks at the end of that quest line are -fantastic-. Starting MF right away gets you very quickly to the first vendor inside the Firelands now, you get there in one day of quests, and there's a ring/necklace for gold that's super high quality.

As for the AT, you can throw a stick and charge at the same time...hit 2 then 3 in super fast succession and you'll chuck a lance just before you charge, which helps do a lot of damage. The earlier suggestion of sticking to them like glue and meleeing can work very well too, it just -does- take longer.

Good luck!
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