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World of Warcraft Noobs
Wanting to Recruit ALL Players who are interested in learning how to PvP/Raid 
28th-May-2013 04:07 pm
Hello lovely Wowians?
My friend and I have recently started a casual guild on Mal’Ganis. We hope to grow enough so that we can PvE (including dungeons/raids) and PvP (arenas/rbgs). I REPEAT THIS IS ALL CASUAL WE WANT WoW TO BE FUN AGAIN. I couldn't help but notice this awesome site, and I thought to myself HOW PERFECT! We are looking for players who are relatively new (and old) doesn't really matter to join our very new guild. Problem is, not many people are very excited about joining a level 3 guild. So we figured we’d try you out! While we cannot offer many guild perks right away, we are offering our own little perks to (sort of) make up for it. For example, the first six guildies to sign up will be put on a list for the ICC Invincible mount. We will also be doing old raids, and if you join we will focus on getting the mounts from ICC, DS, Firelands and possibly Ulduar. Another fun perk is once we get enough money there will be free repairs for everyone :) If you are interested, please contact me on this post or you can send in game mail or whisper Ventarja... you could also try my battle tag Domi#1349. Happy WoWing everyone :)
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