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Hey, I'm a relatively new WoW player and I was wondering if there… 
20th-May-2013 08:44 pm
Rose cup
Hey, I'm a relatively new WoW player and I was wondering if there were any suggestions for how I could up my DPS? I'm a 60 lvl Hunter and while I don't really have any basis for comparison, I feel like my DPS is a bit low.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Florinda/simple <- The link to my armory.

Also, if any of you could suggest macros for a hunter, I'd really appreciate it. Though, if it would be possible, ones that don't require changing every dungeon would probably work best for me since I do a lot of lfd dungeons and it could be a bit of an issue since sometimes the groups I end up in are the 'Gogogo!' type.

EDIT: I should probably also add that I play BM Hunter - rarely, if ever, play the Survival spec.
21st-May-2013 02:54 am (UTC)
Don't worry about your GPS while leveling. You're up against lots of people with all BoA (heirloom) gear that gives them a huge advantage vs people without it. Stat wise you want agility mail, if it doesn't have agility you don't want it. Your secondary stats are crit, hit, and haste. You don't need to worry about them as much while leveling.

Rotation wise, the spell book actually has a pretty good "core abilities" thing that will give you the basics for your spec. </p>

I'm in the process of moving and am typing on my phone, so I can't check armory easy. I'll try to remember tomorrow when I'm at Starbucks with the laptop.

22nd-May-2013 07:26 pm (UTC)
Here's a guide that's aimed for the 85-90 grind, but it has good information about glyphs, rotations, etc.

Personally, I like SV, although I've leveled hunters in all 3 specs. I'm not a huge fan of the BM play style, it's a lot of buttons for not a lot of reward. You get shiny pets, but that's about it. I like SV because it's huge numbers from early on and it's very fast and fairly easy play. BM is slower and a lot more pet dependent, b. To play BM well you have to micro manage your pet and that's not my style (I'm much more of a sniper and don't really care about my pet beyond it being a buff bot).

Other leveling guides:

While learning how to kite is good, it's a lot easier and not so much of an issue since we have trap launcher now. It used to be you had to sneak up, lay a trap, then misdirect the thing to the tank who was around a corner and feign death so things didn't aggro to you. You had to put your trap in just the right place, then you had to continue to drop traps when they broke free because traps didn't last that long. Now, throw a trap, throw another trap when it's about to expire. Almost a non-issue, which is kind of sad, because a good hunter kite was a sign of a good hunter.

I use JSHB (JS Hunter Bar) and JSMD (JS Misdirect) for most of my hunter needs. It announces misdirect targets and JSMD makes it so you can just MD using any raid frames automatically (instead of creating a mouseover macro), it also works on pets. I use the MD glyph for that when soloing. I don't have a whole lot of macros anymore that are hunter specific, many have been traded out for mods or built into the game (like my fav one that applied hunters mark and sent in my pet, but arcane shot and explosive shot do that automatically now). I macro Murder of Crows and Rabid together because they share a cooldown and I can control rabid a bit better that way.

Pet wise I would pick up a ravager in HFP and it (for melee haste) or use your wolf if you don't have a mage in your party. Cats are great past level 80, but they provide a mastery buff and you don't have access to your mastery until level 80 so they're rather pointless before then. A wolf gives crit (also mage and ret paly IIRC?), a ravager gives melee haste (also frost dk, rogue or enh shaman), both of which are very useful while leveling. Having a pet out that helps your stats will also help your dps.

Gear wise, your stats are on track. You've got two pieces that aren't mail which isn't a huge deal until max level, but if you're wearing all mail you get an extra 5% agility, and 5% of your primary stat is never a bad thing.

Feel free to add my battletag (divinite#1641) if you have any hunter questions. I'm in the process of moving, so I'm not on a lot right now, but hopefully after this weekend the move will be over with!
21st-May-2013 06:51 am (UTC)
Gem your gear (those pants will probably last until you reach Wrath content with the right gems), and get your Glyphs in. Like Divinite said, don't worry too much about DPS: as long as stuff dies you're ok. If you're worried, go to the AH and see if there are upgrades for anything under iLvl 80. ALWAYS Agi first, then Hit (if you see a lot of "Miss" when you're shooting, your hit isn't high enough). Don't worry too much about reforging at this point.

Be sure you put your Serpent Sting up right after your Mark, and keep it refreshed. It adds a surprising amount of passive DPS as you're using your other shots. I play mostly Surv with BM as secondary, so I can't advise more specifically than that.
21st-May-2013 09:14 pm (UTC)
Do you have any suggestion as far as Glyphs goes? I've been working up the gold for Animal Bond, and possibly Liberation, but beyond that I'm a little lost.

Gem-wise I'm a little hesitant to sink a lot of gold into something I won't be able to reuse, unless the gem is pretty cheap.
22nd-May-2013 06:19 pm (UTC)
There are still people leveling jewelcrafting, so a cheaper gem shouldn't run too awfully much. Put at least a green-quality red-color gem in each of those slots (name usually starts with Delicate).

Animal Bond and Liberation are one I use, as well as Mending - since I love soloing old instances and my pet tanks. The Minor Glyphs are purely cosmetic, so it doesn't matter what you choose there - pick something fun.:)

Being useful DPS is definitely a plus when it comes to the later game, particularly Scenarios where you might not have a proper tank. Last night, my pet was tanking and I was constantly having to Misdirect mobs off the Frost Mage.

Oh, and be sure you're using your Talent abilities, like the ones that summon extra pets to battle for you. I love those, and they add a nice chunk of DPS as well.
21st-May-2013 04:20 pm (UTC)
as has been said, most people who've been playing for awhile have full heirloom gear, meaning that they're in very good gear all the time with no effort, and will have the resources to perfectly gem and enchant said gear.

Given how fast you level nowadays, the only way you could catch up to the quality of their gear would be to lock your XP and run dungeons over and over until you get the best drops from each. You probably don't want to do that. :)

Check this for a recommended build and rotation: http://www.noxxic.com/wow/pve/hunter/beast-mastery

(note: this is written for lvl 90. Stats like expertise and hit are only important once you get close to level cap, don't reforge until level-cap. Put gems into gemslots if you have any, but don't spend a fortune on them. Remember that you can totally put a yellow gem into a red slot or whatever - color matching is just for the socket bonus - the one on your leg would give you spirit, which hunters no longer need, so no need to aim for it. Stuff +agi gems in. No need to enchant your gear until you are close to level cap, unless it's a very good blue and a cheaper enchant).

I don't think there are any great macros that you need to have, aside from a good misdirect macro (that either misdirects to your pet or to the tank - google for up-to-date macros, I stopped playing WoW awhile ago, I don't have them handy anymore).

Rather, learn where your key abilities are, and work on getting your rotation right. You don't have to be perfect all at once, but start with trying to always have Hunter's Mark and Serpent Sting up. Then expand: are you using your cool-downs? Are you using them at a time when they will give you the best results? Are you using Kill Shot once it's available? Kill Command on cool-down? etc.

Work on your situational awareness. Are you taking damage? Why? Are you standing in bad stuff? If so, MOVE! Practice dps-ing while moving, too! While you're shooting mobs/the boss, are there other mobs nearby? Any of them in danger of being pulled into combat? Is every mob attacking the tank, and not anyone else? Is there a caster standing in the back, refusing to come to the tank (that's what silence shot is for!)? Is the healer safe? Always protect the healer (1). You're ranged, and you have tools to easily get mobs off them, or trap mobs that go after them. Many will notice you being helpful, and make sure to look after you, too (yes, some healers will stop healing someone who's being an asshole on purpose).

Keep in mind: you are dps, and just dps. Which is ok, but there are a lot of classes that do dps, and there are a lot of players who will dps better than you, due to gear, skill, better internet connection, whatever. So, aim to be *useful* dps. Hunters have great utility - if you use it!

I mean, I know nowadays you can just mow down all leveling dungeons because most people are in heirlooms, but if you are interested in eventually joining a guild and maybe raiding, these are useful skills. Look up old hunter guides, and learn how to trap well, and how to kite.

But totally use those LFD dungeons to learn the ins and outs of your class.

Additionally, consider trying to do some PvP: it'll teach you how to use your survivability cool-downs (just keep in mind, if you don't have heirloom gear, you will die. A lot). Once you're a bit higher in level, try to see if you can solo old stuff - lower-level dungeons, and once you're around 80 or so, consider trying old lvl 60 raids. Sometimes, a good hunter can finish off a mob even if the rest of the party is dead - soloing tough stuff teaches you that.

(1) I spent 5 years in WoW, a lot of that time as a healer. I also played/raided with 2 very good hunters in our guild. I'm possibly biased. :)
21st-May-2013 09:44 pm (UTC)
Once I get misdirect I will go looking for a macro for it, thanks for the heads up.

I use GTFO to make sure I'm not Standing In Bad since, on top of being a little silly, it tends to piss healers off which is never a good thing. Same with protecting healers, it just seems like a good idea to keep the person keeping you alive from going down as well. It's nice to know I'm not completely being an idiot by doing it.

Do you have any recommendations on specific dungeons/raids to try practicing kiting in? I know how to do it in theory - but I don't really have much of a chance to practice it.
22nd-May-2013 06:18 pm (UTC)
GTFO is a great add-on! :)

If you use add-ons, see about installing one that very clearly shows the cast-bar of your target - you can always practice interrupting stuff, which in some cases can help either the tank or the healer. Some dungeon mobs have nasty abilities, interrupting them helps (even if most LFD people won't notice that you're doing it).

I used Quartz for that, if it's still around (it also showed if a spell was non-interruptable so you'd not waste an interrupt).

For dungeons... just start with a dungeon that's about 20 levels below you, and work your way up. At 70, you should be able to do all lvl 60 dungeons, and probably also some of the early Outland ones (it depends on gear, so don't be discouraged if you go splat without heirlooms). Blackrock Depths and Upper/Lower Blackrock Spire are *great* dungeon crawls - if you like exploring, you'll have great fun. You can read up on them for guides how to get through them, they're pretty big.

At lvl 80, you should be able to do most Outland dungeons, and be able to do Molten Core, the first raid. The one after, BWL, won't be until 90, the first boss has a nasty mechanic that makes soloing hard. And, you must try out Karazhan also at around that level, it's the first lvl 70 raid, and it's *gorgeous* - one of the most beautiful raids ever. Huge haunted tower, with stables, ghostly banquet, courtesan's wing, opera house including a play staged there (that's one of the bossfights!), dragons, secret laboratories... You can explore most of it even if the bosses are too hard, just by killing off the trash.

At 85, I was able to do parts of most lvl 70 raids (clearing them took about 3 geared people), and (tiny) parts of lvl 80 raids, but I was in good 10man raid gear, and a enh/resto shaman. I stopped playing at 85, but I hear that most lvl 80 raids are at least partially doable at 90.

But really, just google for a list of "wow dungeons/raids by level" and work your way through them. Go sightseeing, check out the nooks and crannies you miss in the GOGOGO groups.

For kiting, you can use the various bosses you encounter. Not all are kite-able, but finding out is half the fun. Alternatively, pick an elite mob of about your level out in the open world and do huge figure-eights with them. It's kinda tempting to sic you on the Fell Reaver in Outland... but I have no idea if they have been nerfed (they are the huge, mechanical "welcome to Outland, here, go splat" rare mob in Hellfire Peninsula that you can see from half the map away).

fun fact: early in the game, mobs didn't reset if you kited them too far from their spawn points. It was patched in sometime after this happened: http://wow.joystiq.com/2006/12/10/were-in-your-docks-kidnapping-your-flightmaster/ - note that the flight masters in question were needed to fly to the Onyxia raid, taking them away meant Alliance had to ride over half a continent through Horde territory to reach the raid entrance - on a pvp server!
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