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Problems holding aggro? 
3rd-Jun-2011 07:15 am
Hello, wow_noobs!

I've been playing the game for about 7-8 months now and just recently started studying the game mechanics and delving into PvE roles. I currently have a lvl 60 protpally that I've been using to tank in PUG dungeons. I'm still in the learning process and things have been going along pretty smoothly. However, recently, I've been running into the problem with not holding aggro when it comes to playing with the occasional "overgeared" players. Since this toon is currently my highest and first one (I had to start over on a different server), I can't really afford to twink out my baby tank with heirlooms and expensive armor.

I use Omen as my threat meter and it shows these certain players attracting mobs easily and ripping bosses off me as if it were nothing. I don't doubt that some of them are possibly doing it to test me but it becomes daunting to have to pull them back to me.

So basically my question is...does having better gear make the mobs more likely to attack you?

My overall average armor level is 65, I have lots of strength and stamina stacked, I even just purchased some glyphs in AH hoping that will help. Also my rotation is pull with Avenger's Shield > Hammer of the Righteous > Judgement > Consecration > Hammer of the Righteous > Shield of the Righteous > repeat.

I've been looking up and down for a solution to this problem but couldn't really find a straightfoward answer.

Thanks for the help!
3rd-Jun-2011 11:48 am (UTC)
Yes, it does. The overgeared players are able to do far more damage than the average at-level player, so they build a LOT of threat really quickly. All you can do is ask them to watch their threat, and do your best. =(

I don't play prot, but for any tips on glyphs, rotation, stat weights, and all that good stuff I heartily recommend http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/forum/
specifically pally, specifically tanking. =)

Also, Tidy Plates and the Threat Plates package (you have to install both, Tidy plates is the basic package and threat plates is an addition to it) is highly recommended both as a means of keeping track of which mobs you're losing threat on when you're tanking, and which mobs you're gaining too much threat on when you're healing/dps. The threat plates package automatically recognizes which role you're in and adjusts, and can be shut off with V to turn off name plates as normal. It won't help keep the overgeared players from ripping them off you if they're determined to, but it can help you get them back.
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